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Does  my  new  cabinetry  or  Tile  have  to  be  installed  by  you?
* No, we can assist in purchasing just the material if you choose to install it yourself.

 If  I  have  HMC  install  my  cabinets,  do  I  need  to  hire  an  electrician,  plumber,  or  drywaller  myself ?
*No, we do all aspects to your remodeling project ourselves; you will not have to hire anyone else for your remodeling project             except Harris- McClain.

What can I expect during my remodel?
* Since your kitchen will be under construction for a while here are some things to know what to be prepared  for:
*Clean out your kitchen before the installation, remove all items from cabinets and counter top, take  down  items from walls.
*Move items that may be in the way of installers coming in & out.                                                                                                                 *An area in the garage will be needed for storage of materials and debris.
*The full use of your driveway will be needed by installers.
* Keep pets out of harm’s way during the remodel.
* Leave certain items out that you use daily, for example coffee maker, can opener, utensils.
*Plan to wash dishes in bathroom or utility room sink.
*Set up a secondary cooking area, possibly a microwave, toaster, etc.
* Plan to eat out often.
* During demolition there is always a possibility there is hidden damage, such as rotten wood, dry wall damage, electrical or,              plumbing that  may need to be repaired or replaced. This is an unseen factor that will be addressed and a change of order form        will need to be signed and  paid for, before work progresses.                   
* Be prepared to be inconvenienced for a while.
*There is always a possibility that new items coming in may be damaged, scratched or not delivered. Don't worry we will get               those items take care of as soon as possible.      
  *Always remember that you are remodeling and it will be completed soon and it will be worth the wait! 



​​​​​How  much  will  it  cost  to  remodel  my  kitchen ?

     * This question is based on many factors. A few of them are the size of your kitchen,            what type of wood  species of cabinetry and what material of counter top you                    choose and whether or not you need  new appliances  or flooring. ​